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These are all hand made in metal, hand assembled and hand painted, by us at our home in Northamptonshire. When sales have been brisk it can take some time to replenish stocks, so please bear with us. By placing an order below an e-mail will be sent to us and we will respond to you confirming that we have stock, the total price including postage, and payment options.


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Code Photo Description Quantity
Unpainted / Kit
WM.129   Hyacinth in a pot n/a at £5.99
WM.165 Box iron and stand at £2.80 at £4.80
WM.168 Spare flat iron at £2.00 at £4.00
WM.171   Ewer at £2.20 at £4.20
WM.19 Small saucepan and lid at £2.20 at £4.20
WM.20 Large saucepan and lid at £3.90 at £5.90
WM.209 Plain candle and stand at £1.50 at £2.50
WM.210 Spiral candle and stand at £1.80 at £2.80
WM.211 Plain candle and holder at £1.80 at £2.80
WM.212 Spiral candle and holder at £2.10 at £3.10
WM.222 Coke or coal hod kit at £9.00 at £11.00
WM.227 Gilt mirror frame at £4.20 at £12.00
WM.231 Roses in ewer n/a at £5.20
WM.26 Wooden spoon at £1.00 at £2.00
WM.27 Ladle at £1.20 at £2.20
WM.34 Ball end rolling pin at £1.90 at £3.90
WM.38 Cake stand at £3.25 at £5.25
WM.40   Plain roasting tin at £1.60 at £3.60
WM.41 Roasting tin with handles at £1.80 at £3.80
WM.43 Pestle and mortar at £2.20 at £4.20
WM.47 Bread bin and transfers at £8.40 at £12.00
WM.48 Round bread board at £1.90 at £3.90
WM.191 Hand fork and trowel at £2.80 at £4.80
WM.186 Small garden spade at £3.50 at £5.50
WM.190 Small garden fork at £3.50 at £5.50
WM.196 Garden rake at £2.80 at £4.80
WM.199 Lawn edging tool at £2.80 at £4.80
WM.221 Small coal shovel at £1.00 at £3.00
WM.223 Sleeping black and white cat at £2.80 at £4.80
WM.224 Sitting black and white cat at £2.80 at £4.80
WM.16 Small frying pan at £1.30 at £3.30
WM.17 Medium frying pan at £1.60 at £3.60
WM.22K Kettle and stand at £13.00 at £15.00
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